Research (Science and Social Studies)

Science Assignment

Social Studies Assignment
See "Legislative Letter" to see the Social Studies assignment.

There should be a LIVE LINK for every citation.

Citation/Notecard Rubric below:


Citation is at the bottom of the form, copy and paste, use Quickcite
Add the URL
UNLESS: website-just use the website form
database-then form


Use the citation tool, copy and paste, then use Quickcite
Add the URL
database, then form

MLive-cite as a website

Opposing Viewpoints:

database, the choose the form(ask if you are not sure)

Newspapers: newspaper-online

Lansing State Journal
To get to the LSJ article: go to, then choose the Lansing State Journal database-newspaper. Put in the name of the article, then search. When you get to the article, use the citation tool at the top, choose MLA 7 format to copy and paste into NT. Add the URL.
MLive-city of publication-look at the city noted at the beginning of the article


Log in.Click on details, above the video, choose the MLA Citation. Copy and paste the citation, use quick cite in NT. Add the URL.


Use the citation tool, choose MLA 7, copy and paste into Quick Cite


1. Use the original sources whenever possible.
2. Licensing required-some rights reserved-check to see if it can be used.
3. You may NOT use images with All Rights Reserved.
4. No pictures from wikis or blogs, without information such as photographer, etc. We cannot assume the website is the origin of the picture.

Copyright Friendly Images:

WikiMedia Commons
Title and necessary information is below the picture.
Creative Commons Image Search
Don't forget to uncheck "for commercial purposes only"
Pixabay Images
Search for your image. Picture title above the image, photographer to the right. Picture details below on the right.

Go to works cited in NT. Click on the Print icon-export to Word. Click on OK 3 times. Add your names in the heading. Save as-name your document.
Then upload the file on your project page.