Here are some suggestions for local sources.
Use the Gale Resources link.

eLibrary includes the following local newspapers:

Battle Creek Inquirer, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Livingston Press, Argus and Port Huron Times Herald.

InfoTrac Newsstand has:

Grand Haven Tribune and Michigan Chronicle

And, don't forget...the Lansing State Journal, which is a newspaper

Using this search bar, allows you to search ALL things GALE.

United Streaming-video clips on your topic. You will need a username and password to get in. Check your planner on pg. 23, or see Mrs. Lay.

Changing your style in NT
PROJECTS PAGE - click on options at the end of your STEAM project-change LEVEL
You will need Advanced to cite your bill/resolution.
Fill in box by box-check the tipsheet.

In Noodletools:
create a project, collaborate and share in the dropbox with the same title as the topics on the left navigation bar

¡Storing Radioactive Waste 2015
¡Fracking Waste Disposal 2015
¡Roads 2015
¡Plastic Particles 2015
¡Bottle Bill 2015

Search Strategies:
  • use the asterisk * to broaden your search
    • e.g. child* searches child, child's, children, and children's
    • Control F-to find a word in text on a webpage
    • ADV Search-allows you to combine words for a more narrow search